Journalist and media professional with nine years’ experience, predominantly in the travel and lifestyle sector. Currently Head of Content at travel tech firm hi Inc.


Somewhere between roles at Food and Travel magazine and M&C Saatchi creative agency, I scampered off to explore. Armed with zero Spanish skills, the wanderlust that comes with working at a travel magazine and a vague hunch that somewhere out there sits an orangutan so highly evolved it could teach me how to finally conquer the monkey bars, I opted for Asia. And, like so many blogger-explorers before me, decided my impressions of the place must surely be original, glittering, full of insight. Or at least a semi-entertaining way to kill ten minutes for anyone sat behind a desk because they are yet to quit, move to Asia, write a blog and inflict it on other people sat behind desks… Either way if you click on ‘Travel Adventures’ you’ll find a few tales. Enjoy.