Strange that for one of the best places I’ve been out here I have little to say. It’s just beautiful. Erawan Falls has seven tiers, a bunch of which you can swim in, and any direction you swivvle you’re greeted with an image of twisting trees and bright larimar pools.

Erawan Falls

Bamboo bends in the breeze, sometimes even falling on an annoying North Londoner you’ve ended up lumbered with, and you can hear water thunder from above and below. It’s just beautiful. The pools are home to those little fish that eat your feet when you go for a pedicure – I don’t know what they’re called, massage fish? – anyway, babies in foot baths are all well and good but adults with real chompers are less welcome, so best splash around and keep wriggling about to deter them. I lost a shoe on the way back down. But then I think I also lost a small tiny little piece of my heart to this place, so it seems like a fair trade off.